Last night. It is easy to misconstrue information and interpret whatever is blurted out in a way that makes sense to the one interpreting, but no sense in the presumed context of the communication. Social media is a great source of confusion as it often generates tons of information on a shifting and hidden context.

Last night I had a longer conversation with Marc. We do this periodically, and when we need to deal with life’s little or big crisis, we call on each other. I had a storm in a glass of water last night, I sought the conversation and exchange with him. After that, my son popped out of invisibility in google chat, and we exchanged a few lines about the family thanksgiving dinner, or how it was to do thanksgiving on the vegetarian plan. Supposedly it was really good and I am not surprised; the cook used my kitchen this summer, and it was delightful! Of course, we exchanged our common quips on social behaviour, or as the saying goes, the apple does not fall far from the tree. Whatever…

But! There is always a but. What does the world care about me? It does not, deal with it. What I preached to the social scientists a week ago, it is good advice for me too; the onus is on you to make yourself relevant to society.

Does anybody really care? They will care that they did not care when accompanying you on your death bed. That is the one aspect of death that scares everybody; seeing somebody die reminds us all how very selfish we can be, and it were not for that, it does make us feel helpless and uncared for if we imagine that we too will die. Relief exists in the fact that not all of us, not all the time, are we so very self-centered that we do not care about the others; sometimes we care. We are – as a species – a bit odd and off-kilter for the most part. Evolution meant well with us, it intended absolutely nothing, it just happened and it gave us complexity, but it left us to our devices to navigate through the very complexity. We are solution seeking automatons to problems that we can barely define because we never know what the frame of reference is.

So, last night, Marc and I we continued our in-depth conversation. He put the finger on something that I do not quite want to accept because it makes me uncomfortable to deal with it. The issue is how to deal with other’s aggressive behaviour. I immediately burst out that that is another element of the economics of the hidden. We are all bursting with aggression and pettiness. Are we? All? Let’s say many.

But! Is it discomfort what I feel when I deal with aggression? What is it that I feel when my words cut like the sharpest of all katanas? Easy!