via Tages Anzeiger (but also Berner Zeitung; both TA Media). Thanks to David for the tip.

Context: On September 26 the voting citizenry in the city of Bern is going to be asked to decide on the future of the Reitschule!

My position: Anyone critical of the Reitschule should take the trouble of going there and getting the scoop from those who run the place. I have done it. I have been there. I go there on occasions. In my view the Reitschule fills many gaps in our very fragmented social fabric. That said, it does not mean that I like the drug scene on its porch, or that violence be tolerated when there are demonstrations in town. In addition, I also have no problem with the city one day deciding to sell the estate. I am however against the initiative that is now up for votation. In this respect, I find that the video above does raise a few good points. As I have told Erich Hess, he has done the Reitschule a favour. With his initiative he has provided a platform for creative expression and a way for the public to increase its awareness and appreciation of Reitschule. There is nothing easier than doing the right thing for the wrong reason!

Note: The video is in Swiss German (dialect).