Noam Chomsky on Democracy Now

Just a couple of days ago, there was a report of an analysis of green technology production. It turns out China is in the lead, Germany is next, Spain is high up there, and the United States is one of the lowest. In fact, investment from the United States in green technology is higher in China- I think twice as high in China- than it is in the United States and Europe combined. These are real social pathologies, exacerbated by the latest election, but just one aspect of where policy is going totally in the wrong direction. There are significant alternatives, and if they’re not pursued there could be real disaster. It might not be too far off.

via Noam Chomsky on the Economy, US Midterm Elections, Climate Change, Haiti, and More

The recent batch of leaked documents published on wikileaks and labeled Cable Gate has provided me with an unwelcome distraction and an opportunity to sharpen some of the arguments on the nature of the beast we know as man, that is, theoretical man. My view is that this most recent leak is all good news. I did read two of the cables that were leaked and suspect that without real machine power for some serious data mining, there is nothing much in there that the average folk is going to find. There is nothing new under the sun, and this is good news because the folks out there (we) forget easily what it is that diplomats and heads of states really do on a daily basis. I am all for transparency, and I am all for the right to privacy in personal life. Public life is where the transparency belongs, and if you want it in your personal life, it is up to you to make that choice, not a government, not a church, or for that matter, an organization.

On climate change, it seems that the US is dealing with it via various mechanisms of denial. It is not a mechanism of choice, but it is a coping mechanism.

I listened to the two videos (also available as podcast or mp3 download) where Noam Chomsky (MIT) provides his commentary. I can not and will not always agree with him, but one can not deny that what he has to say is worthy of further thought.