News from the back seat

I hate shopping. Really! It does not matter if I have unlimited credit, or not a penny in my pocket, shopping I do not like. I am a masochist. I signed up for Kris Kringle, so the misery is here for another week: I need to find gifts to give to the poor soul on the receiving end. On my receiving end, I have a very generous Kris Kringle who has me well supplied with Nespresso capsules, dark chocolate, marzipan, etc, etc… is the other side of this coin. The thing with the capsules got me! Heaven can wait, but not for its capsules! I am heaven. How I came to be a consumer of Nespresso, that is altogether another story.

Did I already mention that I hate shopping?

I gave this project shopping another go today. Most amusing was being in a food shop, tiny little boutique actually, that was chock-full of goodies and all I could think of was that I hate shopping. Managed to pick up two items that I may or may not wrap up and give away, paid and got out escaping the befuddled  shop keeper who, judging from her kind but puzzled look at me, must have wondered why it was that I understood every single word, but hardly spoke a word. Really, I hate shopping.

I also wanted a pair of red socks. Red socks seem big on my list of priorities, but I am sure that I do not know how to explain this one. Big discovery, red socks are in short supply; I checked out two shops on this one. Lavender, purple, pink, those were on display. It is not a season for red, plain red. I do wonder what has happened to the red dye industry.

But because I hate shopping, I also love shopping. It is relaxing to go into over-full shops around Xmas time when one does not need or want a thing. The people are fascinating, the consumption rush in full display, and I still think that human behaviour, or the theatre stage, still provide the best show in any town.

Now I sit with a coffee in the mid of the afternoon and realize that the daylight part of the day is almost gone, and that there are a few hours of work still ahead.

Update: I forgot that to contribute to all the mayhem of my thoughts on shopping, and their consequent disarray,  was a short foray into Olmo – one of the coolest shops downtown Bern – that had me look at Freitag gizmos for over CHF 60. Sixty francs for an iPhone case? Freitag does have some of the cleverest iPhone covers, but I have gone rogue and have abandoned mine, and I prefer phones and computers to be naked. Wearing rags is my domain, not that of my appliances. I guess that my aversion to cladding gadgets stems from lack of interest as a girl to play with dolls and dress them all up. You have to admit, as far as explanations go, this one is as good as the next one. I hated dolls too, actually still do not like them.