People… get on with it, will you!

How stupid do people get on Capitol Hill? Do they get there because they are stupid, or is it that there is something in the air that makes them stupid?

The saga of Rep. Anthony Weiner took several turns Wednesday as a handful of Capitol Hill Democrats called for the lawmaker to resign and news broke that Weiner’s wife was pregnant.

First, you do not send lewd pictures via Twitter. It is a public platform even when you are using private messages. So, Weiner just proved that a geek he is not. The cool kids know better than this. Actually he just demonstrated some form of technological retardation. Anyhow, that does make him a good representative for his constituency.

Second, if you want to behave like a jerk on the web, that is your prerogative. I can consider it a form of entertainment for which social media is very well designed to deliver on. But then, I have hit the point of social media burnout. Seen it, done it, and yes it is useful. The cat is dead, get on with the work.

Third, if some whiny lewd behaviour and having a wife pregnant are grounds to resign, I plainly have failed to understand democracy.

So… I just tried to cheer up a colleague who complained about all the administrative work in research which hardly anybody acknowledges, is tedious, and also essential for research to progress by volunteering that there is something far worse on the satisfaction scale, and that is politics. Really. Just spent two hours in a commission meeting to get in a lousy little request to eliminate a couple of meaningless numbers from the freaking budget. Two hours! Meaningless numbers! Rendered meaningless by the same parliament that has to approve that they be removed… Two hours?

Come to think of it, I am starting to get the point. Politics is the cause of stupidity. People do not go into politics because they are stupid, they became stupid in the course of politicking.