Arabia Felix

Some years ago I had my sights on Yemen. Research was the reason. I wanted to go there, I wanted to explore the region, and I wanted… I read quite a bit about the place back then, or at least I read as much as I could absorb at that time. It was within the last ten years, before the second Iraq war, and I just do not easily give up. I made a few contacts, and met some Yemenis on ground foreign to them. Nice people, khat and all.

After a whole lot of tea drinking, I concluded that either Yemen was not ready for me, or I was not ready for it. It did not make a difference which one. Of course, there was more fish to fry.

Now, Yemen seems to really be going to the dogs. It makes me wonder what is worse, the past oligarchy or the uncertain future. But then the future is always uncertain, and in time, it all comes to pass. Some die, some survive, and the iterations continue.

Isn’t after all, oligarchy the predominant form of government? I concede that sometimes this oligarchy is mixed in with a good dose of democracy, but it is still oligarchy that predominates. One of my colleagues accuses me of making life complicated, and I accuse life of being complicated.

Humans can not and will not deal with simplicity; we are still maladjusted as creatures. If you do not like complicated, try messy. Life is messy, humans are messy, and politics are messy. It would be nice to have the photoshop equivalent for government, however Peter Bieri would tell me that this is not an allowed discourse to have. He is right, it is like comparing apples and oranges. Still, it would be nice to be able to photoshop the world’s government into looking as pretty as the models in the marketing campaigns of the big labels and trademarks.

So, where does this leave me. Oh, I almost forgot. I gave up on trying to visit Yemen long ago. Arabia Felix will live in my fiction, and there we are not alone.