I like to pick on economists. It’s a family pastime as my brother is an economist. The story of my brother does not stop at being an economist, he also has degrees in electrical engineering and physics which ought to give an idea as to has won most of the arguments. That aside, here is a doozy of sorts that makes me want to invite economists to extend their toolkit.

Babbage | The Economist: “If, indeed, fate is the product of infinite variables, Hindus believe that some can be tweaked by picking subha muhurtha, as the lucky windows are known in Sanskrit. They marry, start a new job or set off on journeys on good days of the week. They buy gold, scooters, cars and homes at the right time of the year to invite prosperity. Politicians and film-makers seek astrologers’ advice to improve their chances at the ballot box or box-office. Businessmen have been known to issue IPOs after consulting the Hindu calendar because there is no earthly way to predict the vagaries of the market.”

Who ever said that reading The Economist is not amusing?