The Summer

DSCN1413This summer is not over yet, but the kids are back in school in Bern since the 13th of August. It has been both a quiet summer and a very busy one. I have no regrets. I spent a few wonderful days in Amsterdam with friends, and almost three weeks in Erice (Sicily) for work, once in July, and once in August. I was also in a few other places, but traveling is a bit incidental, and I am not always taking note of all the places. I have written a few lines and I have had many discussions. I have attempted to read a few books here and there, and actually succeeded. I have been ignoring The Economist for the most part. Above all, I have met a lot of interesting people, a few crackpots, and reconnected with dearly loved friends. 

Political activities are picking up again, and with it the guarantee that we will not lack entertainment until the elections in November. Before that, the Bernese folk has one more chance to go to the urns on September 23, so don’t forget. Vote.