Bern Stadtratwahlen 2012

If you live in Bern – the city – you know that elections are coming up on the 25th of November. I am for the third time on the FDP. Die Liberalen list. This is an opportunity to thank all of those who voted for me in the past: it is a big thank you! I have had an excellent opportunity in the past years to influence the decisions in the Rathaus. It’s slow work. It is necessary work that requires a lot of patience.

MG 6807

I have not published much about my experiences at the Rathaus recently, but I have been taking notes. My approach to politics is that it is a group effort at different levels. It starts with the preparation and discussions in the fraction, then there is the work between the various fractions, the work in the committees and finally there is the act of voting after much debate or polemics depending on the topics. Sometimes the whole house votes unanimously and the debate is either skipped over, or surprisingly sober. The latter experiences are rare, but all the sweeter.