Die Another Day

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Yesterday I walked to the train station and deposited my vote in the ballot boxes. The voting stations closed at 12:00 noon today, and slowly the results are being made known. Another plebsicite, and again, the folk show their colours. They are not red, not green, not even blue. I am not always convinced of the wisdom of the masses, but on most occasions, in a society made up of educated and responsible people, the masses are much less likely to err and are able to think beyond the comfort of their own four walls. What is refreshing about today’s results is the clear message that populism is not all. Be it the salary limit or the family initiative, neither was well thought out, nor is it compatible with a mojority’s understanding of how we live in this country. Still, the Canton of Bern presents a problem, and it can fall victim to populism. Not that this is terribly tragic in the end, but it is tiresome to have to deal with so much lack of reason.

For all my no saying when it comes to the Bernese theatre renovation, it has more to do with my affair with other city’s cultural institutions where Zurich, Luzern, Berlin, Paris come to mind. But never mind me, I still think that cultural life in Bern takes place in intellectual penury, and that is an opinion that very few may share.

Thank you all who took the time to think, vote, and get your ballot to the box.


  1. Hat dies auf blog.dasrecht.net rebloggt und kommentierte:
    “Thank you all who took the time to think, vote, and get your ballot to the box. ”

    Die Möglichkeit Einfluss zu nehmen. Bei Abstimmungen seine Vote in die Urne zu legen. Eine gute Sache, auch wenn nicht immer dabei rauskommt was man sich wünscht. Für uns so klar, und (selbst)verständlich.

  2. I do not entirely agree with your analysis. When it comes to finance the mobility infrastructure, it was too simple just to say no on the pickerl increase. Return to sender does not solve the problem which is inheritent. But there will soon be an other option presentent to the people. May the wisdom be with them 😉

    1. Dear Pascal, I know that you have given this much more thought than I have. It is not that I disagree with you. We have been tossing this hot potato around for a while, and I do look forward to what is coming from your side.

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