My wishes are that you have all started this year well. Some of you, I know, have not. Still, the ritual is to once a year renew all our good wishes. This is year, I am full of good wishes for the whole world, and short on an adequate form to express them.  Get well, get better and stay healthy!



Fast forward to the future could capture the mood around the house these days. Still, in going through pictures taken in 2013, all that I could muster as representing the last year, was this motorcycle. Why do I think that a serviceable and rusty old motorcycle summarises last year for me?

Perhaps it is the memories of the day when while strolling through Silves, I found the motorcycle parked on a quiet streets. It could also be that I like the idea of having a old machine be useful. I like it, and for that, I need no reason.

Now, go and follow your dreamsI I am still trying to read Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace, even after my son spoiled it for me and told me how it ends. 


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