Good morning world!

No title, no name, no brand


It’s sometimes hard to tell where exactly I have been. What is sure is that the last twelve months have not been dull and at times, they have been trying. 

Just yesterday I spent a few hours at a friends apartment after I had taken a little local tour using public transportation. While I was vegetating and consuming one documentary after another on a large screen television, I also attended to a housekeeping task involving the plumbing. 

My little local tour had taken me to a temple of consumer indulgences in search for an item that was nowhere to be found. Instead I sat on a very ugly chaise that was equally comfortable and had to inform the sales person that I had no place to put such an item and was only interested in sitting down. I spent at least half-hour going through the large retail surface, but then walked away disappointed. That disappointment came together with the realisation that I am spoiled when it comes to the kind, quality and brand of goods that I acquire. 

In the past week I took a little tour to La Chaux-de-Fonds and crossed the Jura range on mountain roads that were less than 3 metres wide. In the middle of one of the beautiful Jura prairies, I found a few cows, some interesting stonewalls similar to those found on the island of Orkney, and there I shot one of the few pics of that trip. What one sees on that picture, besides the stonewall in the background, is my love for certain brands. Yamaha, BMW, and Mammut. 

More later, as usual. Maybe. For some truly fascinating motorcycle adventures do have a look at Itchy Boots on YouTube, or Instagram or whatever you have in common. 

Time out

I am taking a couple of weeks off from public life. The past two years have brought plenty of joys and tears. Fortunately there have been no broken bones on my body, just a few bruises.

I feel that I have had too little time to indulge in the activities that give me pleasure, but I have also to admit that I was busy with other activities that are just as pleasurable. Life has so many possibilities, and at the end of the day it is all about the choices that one can make with the limited cognition and will at hand.

I will be back in 2019.