Full circle

It’s been a few years since I last was here. Then it was December and it was last century. Now I return in search of shade and without a plan. 

Now I wonder if I have the will to invent my dreams. 


I’m vintage. Not legend, vintage. This morning Kaspar reminded me of this, and supposedly Pascal had been the one to point it out. It was a day full of interruptions. Calls, singing, FaceTime, messages in all flavours. It’s my 57th birthday and on my mind the writing: an article, and a short blog post. 


Being a day to celebrate, I started by lacing up the running shoes, and covering up with a rain shell. Headed to the river banks, and was out for over an hour in the drizzle. The Animals set the pace, and I hate to confess this, but my favourite weather for running is drizzle. Loved it! 

I could not avoid but feel like a bazaar of trademarks. Nike on the feet, Adidas on the legs, a Mammut shirt, in the pocket an iPhone, and to save grace, a Jack Wolfskin rain shell (the fashion label of grandmothers). It does give me an appetite for non labeled clothing and generic electronics. 

Thanks for all the attention! ’57 was a good year!

Post Christmas 2013


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