It is a strange strange world!

I want to go to a barCamp and end up in a blogCamp. I go to a blogger meeting and end up discussing BarCampSwitzerland, but what stole the show tonight was habi‘s iPhone! That is not David (aka habi) on that pic, that is Chrigu who works with one of our local GSM service providers and we all hope that he pesters his employer to the point of bringing in the darn gadget SIM unlocked and with a flat rate deal to boot.

Fresh from the capital of sin and all things good was also Mathias, and while the rest of us seem to be too virtual, Matthias is geting real and together with his wife expecting a fifth child mid December. Who said geeks never get offline?

Finally I got one of the more prominent local bloggers face to face, Claude. Did not have much a chance to talk to him for real as we were sitting a bit far apart. Bastian and Markus were part of the party too… and they all had a great time and lived happy ever after!

You know… we talked about the usual: GPS, GSM, geeky, nerdy, software, hardware, politics. Corsin (not physically present this evening), I promise that I will leave politics out of barcamp, but let’s make it happen!

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lift after party

lift after party, originally uploaded by noneck.

Dannie Jost, Franscesca Birks, Tom Purves and Stephanie Booth

The cool girls hanging out in the stairwell.

Thanks Tom! You have now made it official!

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