Movies and Affairs

I had not laughed so much in a movie in a long long while until yesterday when I went to see It’s Complicated. After spending two days listening to research reports, I needed to get my mind off to lighter pastures. Had a brief chat with my son, and off I was.

After literally having rolled on the floor laughing during the film, when I exited the movie house a woman about my age looks at me with that expectant inquisitive look that expresses that she would like to talk with a perfect stranger, that is, me. I smiled, and I made a remark about one needing to have gone through a divorce and found peace with it, before one can appreciate the humour in such a film. She had something else on her mind, something about lots of women alone in that showing of the movie. Strange, I thought to my surprise that there were plenty of couples. She was also feeling a bit self-conscientious because she laughed a lot and was under the impression that she had been laughing the loudest. I am sure that I had been fair competition on the laughter volume level, but the noise inside one’s head is always loudest. Then she asked me if I would have an affair with my ex-husband. I had to smirk, and smile, and laugh, because this is a question that I would love to answer, but that I was not going to elaborate on with a stranger. I just gave the diplomatically correct, although politically incorrect answer that a priori I would not exclude it.

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From the horse’s mouth: Inglourious Basterds

Interview with Quentin Tarantino on NPR

For me, it was the best flick of the year. I bladdered about it here a bit earlier. Sorry George, I watched none of your flicks this year. It is not your time yet.