Code humor

inevitable system limitations: In response to many questions we’ve been receiving here at Krugle HQ, it appears we need to clarify. Krugle searches open source software code. Sorry, but The Da Vinci Code is neither open source, nor (technically speaking) software. However, if you really need to search inside that book, it seems you can do so on Amazon — and there’s tons of documentation available via Google Books. This has been an official (if somewhat tongue-in-cheek) public service announcement.

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What are you doing on August 19th?

Desti:nation is Henriette Weber Andersen‘s latest projects.

And here it is in her own words: “Desti:nation is an idea I have been puzzling with for a while. I wanted to make 86400 seconds ( a day) into a community of a kind, resolving in a project of knowledge – or who knows, maybe something more. people from different corners and backgrounds can actually do something together… on behalf of interest so here’s some examples I have been thinking about

20 Ruby on Rails geeks decide to cook food for 24 hrs and give their haute cuisine to charity

a bookkeeper from wisconsin decides that he wants to make his own movie

Nancy who has always been a fan of backstreet boys decides to do a cover cd

Christina has always fancied playing theater – and puts together a broadway musical

Marie wants to work with integration of foreigners and does the most brilliant workshop on integration and blogging

and so much more. let your imagination flow – what do you want to do ?

the first desti:nation will start globally on the 19th of August at 8.00 am (GMT)

so how do you participate?”

Go to to the wiki and get inspired!

I am thinking, and I better think fast, that I want to organize something locally that has to do with politics, but then it could be that I just turn the whole thing into a garden party and ???

If this makes you think about copyright…

The New Yorker: Fact: THE INJUSTICE COLLECTOR via Lawrence Lessig. Disruption of thought: I told my son to learn about copyright as that would be all he would inherit from me. Should there ever be any grand-children, I think that they better write their own books.