Monthly Monday Local: blmdybrn

Thanks habi for the links. Great conversation was to be had on all fronts last night at Desperado as already mentioned by David, however grid computing is something that I forgot to mention and that is being worked on rather seriously these days in order to handle the mammoth amounts of data being produced by some experimental facilities like Fermilab. In addition, two items were of particular note to me: the iPhone and Lift. My impression at LFT08 was that just about everybody had one of those gadgets and I had my fun using Pedro‘s and gawking at Charles‘ who had all sorts of geeked-to-the max software on it. I for my part am enjoying with increased pleasure two functions of my – now very old – cameraphone: the off button and the silent mode.

Glitch: Blogger and Ecto

I am having a slight technical problem with uncondition since this morning when during the wee hours I updated ecto and lost in the process a whole bunch of drafts that include a good part of Parallax III that I had offline. I ought to be able to recover the files however I have no clue at this point how, it will take asking all the dumb questions on the ecto forum and then earth it from some dark corner of the HD, or so I hope. Besides this one issue, there are a few others that I am encountering with Blogger and ecto3. Lame as the excuse is, I just have not had the time to look into these technicalities sooner.

Lesson learned: do not update software when you are not even awake to the serendipity of technological glitches.

Given that I am up to my neck in my stealth project, this may take a while to fix. It would be nice if I can recover all those drafts.

It is a strange strange world!

I want to go to a barCamp and end up in a blogCamp. I go to a blogger meeting and end up discussing BarCampSwitzerland, but what stole the show tonight was habi‘s iPhone! That is not David (aka habi) on that pic, that is Chrigu who works with one of our local GSM service providers and we all hope that he pesters his employer to the point of bringing in the darn gadget SIM unlocked and with a flat rate deal to boot.

Fresh from the capital of sin and all things good was also Mathias, and while the rest of us seem to be too virtual, Matthias is geting real and together with his wife expecting a fifth child mid December. Who said geeks never get offline?

Finally I got one of the more prominent local bloggers face to face, Claude. Did not have much a chance to talk to him for real as we were sitting a bit far apart. Bastian and Markus were part of the party too… and they all had a great time and lived happy ever after!

You know… we talked about the usual: GPS, GSM, geeky, nerdy, software, hardware, politics. Corsin (not physically present this evening), I promise that I will leave politics out of barcamp, but let’s make it happen!

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