Needless conflict

 “Questions of food safety, nutrition and agriculture elicit more emotion and public mistrust than almost any other science-based issue. The firestorm over obesity, for example, ignited once again in the United States last week, when the Institute of Medicine issued a report of nearly 500 pages that makes a compelling case that individual choice is not sufficient to prevent obesity in the current environment of inexpensive high-calorie foods and drinks. The report recommends that industry and government take action to get cheap healthy foods into supermarkets and schools, and that the government intervene to ensure that the right dietary messages get through the flood of advertising. The report, of course, was criticized by the industry forces that would have the most to lose if such changes were implemented.”

(Via. Needless conflict : Nature : Nature Publishing Group)

China: Philosophers sparked good science : Nature : Nature Publishing Group

China: Philosophers sparked good science : Nature : Nature Publishing Group: “Peng Gong misrepresents the thoughts of Chinese philosophers Confucius and Zhuang Zhou by suggesting that they hinder scientific advancement in modern China (Nature 481, 411; 2012).

Confucius encouraged curiosity and practice in teaching and learning. His thoughts are universal and timeless, and have influenced many other Asian countries — including Japan, where sound science thrives.

Zhuang advocated harmony so that we could fulfil our essential connection with nature. This view is pertinent in today’s China, where the environment and human health are being damaged by explosive and unbalanced development.

Moreover, Confucius, Zhuang and other ancient Chinese philosophers made significant advances in science, technology, medicine, mathematics, astronomy and architecture, with inventions such as paper and the compass having a large impact on civilization.”

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Everything is a Remix


Everything is a Remix Part 4 from Kirby Ferguson on Vimeo. via Johannes Kleske

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