From the Archives of the Swiss National Library: Patricia Highsmith in Zurich

Ph2 Flyer 20070126
March 21 to May 28 2007

I was told about this exhibit by Joan Schenkar now in the midst of giving her biography of Patricia Highsmith its last buffing. I am interested in it from the perspective of looking at a writer’s life and her work. I always wonder why is it that some of us are born with this desire and need to write. I know that for me it is a need, even an obsession, and there are days when I feel totally cursed by it.

Unflattering as it may be, I do learn a lot by differentiation and by making distinctions, so in looking deep inside another, there is always something to be learned about myself.

Why am I blogging this?
Just because while in the throws of the madness that a project is right now, I do want to make it to the exhibit. There is lots of information regarding the various events both on the pdf flyer that you can download by clicking on the icon above, or on the website of the Strauhof. Not all events are happening at the Strauhof.

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Next week Geneva is on the agenda.

Lately Geneva has been getting into my agenda. Quite some months ago I joined the contributors list to GenevaLunch and then wondered for months about what it was that I had to contribute. While in London I thought that it would be nice to highlight the dismal state of british plumbing and contrast it to the swiss plumbing paradise, but then… ah… somehow it did not seem right. Sometimes I even took photos and thought that those would be a good starter for a post for GL, and then again that idea went down to where most ideas go, the drain.

This week, it clicked, I wrote my first post, and what I wrote got me by surprise. So much by surprise that on thursday night in what was a rather unusual training, Barbara (my Aikido Sensei) and I ended up talking about it.

Last night at the fondue des latin here in Berne at one point the conversation totally turned towards Geneva. One of the former IPI colleagues now at the WTO who had studied in Geneva and still lives in Berne will actually be moving with her husband to Geneva this April.

What do I eat at a fondue? It is obvious, french fries!

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Observations or the start of another series

more photos from tensoriana

My thesis advisor once told me that it is the things that you finish that count, not the ones that you start. With all due respect for his wisdom, I will now endeavour to question the wisdom of that assertion in my own life.
Right now I have the distinct feeling that I have more on my plate than I can chew. I estimate that in the next two weeks I have over one thousand pages of scholarly writing to read, and all of that so that I can produce something that makes sense and that can be read in half an hour. This means that I will be dealing with drift at all levels, if I am to stay focused.

One thing seems certain, I am dealing with information overload. But then so is everybody else. In the search for parameters that are controllable in any measure we tend to look for cause and effect in the form of some simple relationship, usually a linear one. I assert that this may lead to useless results.

So, what does this have to do with dead fish?

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