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Dear Mom,

yeah, I am fine. Let me tell you about last night. You know me well, better even than I would like you to know me, so it will not come as a surprise to learn that I was in the theatre last night at the Botanical Gardens to see a play by Dominique Caillat, Darwin’s confession. As usual, you do not get much of an idea of what I am babbling about, this does define our relationship, the so-called mother-daughter relationship; but let us not go into that one now, and let us never go into that one.

Last night I decided to leave my monk’s nocturnals and joined society for a few hours. We, a bunch of philosophers, social scientists, and other illuminati, joined at a round table in one of the worst joints near the university. But you know, bier is bier, and the place no longer stinks of smoke because smoking is now prohibited in all restaurants in the canton of Bern

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Public and Private

There is an observation that I keep making again and again, and each and every time in between, I tend to forget that emergent phenomena is not necessarily predictable beyond the fact of its very existence. Those like me who delve in what reality and existence are, are then quick to question that last assertion too.
That said, there is a caveat to the casual reader that runs along the lines that what I write here is provided without context, and even within its context, it is not necessarily easy to interpret. Why is that? It has to do with the fact that at present – in my own judgement – I am doing way too much, more than I care to list here or anywhere else. I pop up in various settings – theatrical stages of life – and then go into my monk’s cell, read, write, think, work, eat, sleep and indulge in the rituals that are my life’ support. Right now the process is a bit chaotic, and when chaos hits me, one way that I deal with it is to go back to fiction and mathematics. I have infinite thirst and passion for abstraction, and sometimes for all that the world can tell, I am lost in it. Eventually I emerge out of it, and sometimes it takes me a while to figure out where on earth I have landed this time.