Building Bridges and Connection

The Lift 07 t-shirt finds itself on the Labaroche tatami.


Click on the icon above to be taken directly to Yves Lepoivre’s photos of the Labaroche Aikido Spring Course hosted by the Aikikai de Strasbourg.

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Just a Note

more photos from tensoriana

The photos from the Birankai Labaroche Spring Course will be on flickr/trafal and 23hq/tensoriana in a few days. I have uploaded to both accounts just one of the shots to give you a glimpse of what is coming.

It was my third year at Labaroche and it was radically different from the two previous experiences. I was on the tatami for two hours of Iai-Batto-Ho and took pictures in the afternoons and Saturday morning. The rest of the time I did spend resting, reading, baking Kougelhopf, babysitting, or writing Schemata. At this point I have no idea how much I will blog about my experience of the week beyond saying that it was intense in a most peaceful way.

It was a great pleasure to be with so many whom I have gotten to interact and appreciate throughout the years that I am practising Aikido. Mireille at the “Auberge de la Vielle France” continued to spoil me and attended to my dietary restrictions with great care while in Labaroche.

Was blissfully offline for seven days. When I returned home the first thing I did after opening the door was to turn on the modem and wifi.

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Aikido Sunday in Berne

DSC 1674, originally uploaded by Dannie Jost.

Just a few impressions of a great special training with Barbara Imboden Sensei. Thanks Barbara!

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