Diet and Zurich

(on the train Zurich – Bern 23:00)

Must confess that I keep a strange diet. Today my intake in food has consisted of a soya cappuccino in the morning, cashews and orange juice for lunch, a glass of red wine with chips and peanuts for dinner, and a late night soya cappuccino. In between I had a couple glasses of water, a coffee at the dojo after morning training, and the rest of the day I was busy with Architecture.

I was today at the Architecture library of the ETHZ in Hönggberg, and then following an invitation from Thomas Schmid, the General Manager of The Dolder Grand, went to visit the hotel’s construction site with the innovation.tank where I am a member of the advisory board. This is another Norman Foster project with a volume of about CHF 420 Mio and the grand old place is due to reopen in all glory again in about one year or so. I took a few pictures of vary variable and redoubtable quality that document the state of the works now, and these will show up on my flickr stream later when I eventually upload them (duh).

The spa area looks rather promising, it includes a pool and a snow room, and it will be the kinda place where I might like to spend a day and take in what there is to take in. The view from the spa area might be rather interesting… over the lake of Zurich, but it was dark by the time that I was in the building and I was too busy looking at naked technical infrastructure to really take it all in.

It surprised me that today on the way to the Dolder that is situated in the area of Zurich called Sonnenberg, I was very present to the one day that I spent walking alone in the rain in that part of town about twenty years ago. I now remember it well, or think that I do, but I needed to be by myself. I was living close to Zurich, so I hopped on the train and went where my wanderings took me, without a plan, without an intent. It was during my last year as a graduate student in Bern, and it was a time that I often do not care to remember, but that day, that day I had very much needed to just be alone. I needed to be alone in the rain, and the Sonnenberg somehow called me, and I think it told me that there would be better days ahead.


It was good to see Sabina again, we sat at the Starbucks at Central and caught up with what our families are up to. Since Sabina moved from Bern some eight or nine years ago we do not see each other as much as we used to. Together we did a couple of interesting projects here in Bern, including a monthly political discussion series which we moderated, and we had a few other ideas… Now we see each other a couple of times per year, and it is good to catch up on what is going on in her sustainability world too. Of course we talk about other stuff… even about clothes, and her chocolate museum project.

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Shape of Things: To Write is Action

Remembering the Junkerngasse… Remembering Berne…

A bit of context on what is going on right here…

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Note to Myself: A Loft in Parioli

Parioli is one of Rome’s nicest neighbourhoods and one where my friend Elisabetta suggested that I get a loft. It is all a pretty lofty idea. Not really, and yes, and I am a dreamer. It had been over three years since I had been in Rome last, and then it was that I had a bit of work to do and added the weekend to visit with my friends. This time I skipped the work part and was in Rome just to visit them. I am the world’s lousiest tourist on most occasions, but I suspect that this is just a guise of mine.

Then a while ago in an attempt to catch up with my email, correspondence and all those pending items whose loud screams I have become deaf to, I wrote to Joan Schenkar the following words “I am in a fizz – if one can use such an expression, however that is how it feels – it is all bubbling from all over the place and it is good and crazy and wild, and I hope to see you soon! ” As a side note, Joan will be in Zurich on March 21 giving a talk within the Swiss National Library exhibit at the Strauhof presenting the work of Patricia Highsmith.

Why Rome? Why now? Why me?

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