Tidbits: You and I

After nine posts on this blog I came to note that I have not yet given it much thought to whom I am writing. I know that the few reading this have been at LIFT and a few others outside the active blogosphere who know me from other venues. I am not keeping statistics on this blog at this time, so I have no clue about the traffic that it may be getting or not getting.

There was a blogger meeting last night in Berne, and I had a wonderful time. I also must confess that I do not read all that many Swiss blogs, and even fewer that are in German. Shame on me! Thanks Matthias for organizing this and pioceoplastic for blogging about it. More, please.

It would be good to get some sort of feedback, and a few comments would also be a good idea. I myself have yet to figure out how the cocomment thingy on the right column works. Today I have a “date” with my PC, XP and Matheo Software and I feel like I am er-entering a totally different reality. Call this my world of parallel realities, or should it be parallel virtualities?

OOPS: While verifying my linkage above I discovered that Scobleizer on my Blogroll is sending me on my own blog, so for the time being I am going to not display Robert Scoble’s blog on this blogroll. Went to my feeds on Bloglines and the URL is correct. Naked Conversations is doing the right behavior, so is the rest of that blogroll… I do not know what is going on here, apologies for the confusion and muddle. More on Microsoft’s listening operation later.

For the time being I will assume that those reading and interacting with me are indeed some of you from LIFT, those colleagues who have a passing or deeper interest in intellectual property, innovation (a word that I want to beat to death one of these days soon, but most likely it is already beaten to death, and one should not beat dead dogs), and entrepreneurship (a word that I like to use with caution and a grain of assault). Eventually I may open the topic of leadership, and talk a bit about some of the work I have done there as a coach to some fairly impressive people and entrepreneurs. For those of you who know, let it be noted, that this will be a different kind of sharing from my starving artist extremely personal pseudonym blog.

While I am on the subject of this and that,  writing the previous posts I keep on wishing not just for the usual normal backwards links, but also for forwards links. I suppose that forward-linking is something much easier with a wiki than with a blogger software. Of course categories and tags do a  lot to help this directed controlled connectivity in context. OK, I want to link into what I will write tomorrow, today. Who ever said that I was either reasonable or logic all the time?