Climate Change and Theoretical Man

I have been wondering for the past year or so, how could I possibly deal with climate change in my grand old theory.

Getting my head around climate change is a challenge, but then so is anything to do with the financial markets. The latter had me not at all surprised when the latest subprime crises popped, leading me to the short-circuit conclusion that I had been right all along: I did not understand, because indeed the system was flawed and made no sense to me. Take that last sentence as on exercise in arrogance; as an exercise arrogance is not to be ignored. Problems with arrogance only arise when the arrogant believe that their conjectures constitute any sort of irreducible absolute truth to which the rest of the world has to bow to.

However the climate change issue is a very different issue. Somewhere along the line the two issues shake hands on the topic of trust, then again they meet at carbon certificates and trading, but that is about it. The financial world is a virtual conceptual world that we invented not too long ago, and for which we have yet to come up with a solid game plan. Climate change, is here, measurable and real.

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reboot 9.0 – Epidermical Overview

First of all I loved all the swag that was and that was not. The last thing that I need is another bag, however the reboot 9.0 green notebook in the same format as my Favorit notebooks was just right. I carry that format notebook with me everywhere, and that I can not say for my notebook with the Apple logo on the case that weighs as much as a brick, however has a little bit more intelligence on some occasions. Do machines have intelligence? Do humans?

The mood for the whole of my experience at this reboot 9.0 was set by the opening talk. I could not find in this talk anything said or displayed that was not fascinating or along the lines of my own thinking, although my own thinking in these matters may have a quantum twist. I look forward to a bit more thinking of what Tor Nørretranders said and writes.

Brands and trademarks are on my mind. Reboot is starting to feel like a brand, and I do wish that it would be something much more than just a brand, so I do hope that Thomas is watching that. This brings me to the first observation about this reboot 9.0 in the context of the ideas floating around loose in my head: money.

Branding of all things has something to do with ownership, and then with reputation or provenance. Trademarks are however a monopoly granted by government to individuals or other judicial entities over the use of a particular designation, logo or jingle. I shall not go into technicalities of trademark registration, however I do recommend that if you are building a brand, even a personal brand, you ought to acquire basic practical knowledge about trademarks. Why is that? Very simply because they are part of our culture – not just part of the economy or commercial tools – and thus require to be taken into account. I am not too terribly inclined to register trademarks for every neologism that I create. I do spend however some energy in giving the newborn words some exposure and claim to the cultural patrimony that we call language.

If we leave it at that, then brand is all about the reputation thing, and brand is not all bad in a culture heavily influenced by electronic and other media. A good read on this is Adam Arvidsson‘s book “Brands” which I discovered after reboot 8.0. Reputation is something that you own, but can not sell, it is an intrinsic and intangible characteristic of either a product, person, or community. Reputation can indeed be a collective thing.

I am on the way home and the feeling is that the present is just a very volatile moment that never returns. For each chance taken, there are hundreds missed. Five hundred people and two days is a densely packed event potentiality and that together with over fifty talks, presentations, conversations and demonstrations make it a very abundant field of interaction.

I was left thinking about Intuition, Visual Complexity, Newspeak and quite enamored by the ideas that sprouted in my head during Quantum Humanism. One consequence of all of this is that I have taken to reading Karl Marx’s Das Kapital in German, and now wonder more and more about language. Need to hack language, really do!

Geek Army Knife podcasters in action

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What is it like to be human?

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