reboot 9.0 Theoretical Man (Slides)

Just the slides for now. I will write a few words about the sessions around Theoretical Man during the next few days. Reboot was fantastic and not like last year’s or any other conference. I am holding on to the bootstraps while in Copenhagen for the next few days.


I am pushing the envelope on Theoretical Man and have also just proposed a conversation titled Quantum Humanism. This has gotten me way out of my comfort zone. It would have been much more comfortable to wait for the e-mail answers to the two individual communications that I sent to both Adam and Oleg. But no, I read Thomas emails and decided that I could venture this conversation into existence, and then see what emerges from that.

Why this, why now? I really am curious. I have lots of questions, and there are lots of people who know quite a bit more. I also know a few things, have a few ideas, but I want to be able to ask the questions, think out loud, try things out. This is not about looking good, this is about doing some thinking in public space.

Reboot 9.0 HUMAN

Reboot9 is going to happen on May 31 and June 1 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Human! Given that today I started my day by scribbling on an index card “there are days when I just write the future, it is one of those days today” I look forward to seeing a lot of friends, and new faces there.