LIFT notes by Dave Gray of XPLANE

LIFT notes Originally uploaded by dgray_xplane.

Dave Gray, founder and CEO of XPLANE, has shared on flickr his index card sketches from Lift07 from where I have blogged the one above. They are not to be missed! To me these have provided excellent notes and a refresher of what was presented and discussed, somehow it brought back all the enthusiasm and abundant inspiration that the conference was.

On a personal note, I am tickled pink to see quite a few sketches from the “Creativity Workshop” that Henriette and I led and in which Dave participated with enthusiasm.

This one sketch here is from the workshop. One of the insights that one wins from looking at creativity in the way that Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi looks at it is that creativity has something to do with the interactions at various levels between people and subject matter. Interaction however does require relationship of some sort.

Ah! Yes, I could go on, and I will… more later.

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Update (5.5.2007) I am always stunned by how many orthographic and spelling errors I make in my posts, to say nothing of word omissions and errors caused by changing sentence structure midway while writing it. If there is one profession that I truly admire and whose services I need is that of editor.

Power and Control

For a while just think Ungdomshuset and then think again…

When you get rid of the unnecessary issues, this is one version of what you get:

Save the Internet | Rock the Vote

via Lawrence Lessig.

Thanks to St. Hugh!

web 8.0: im not a blogger.jpg Just as I needed to lighten up, this comes up on my RSS reader!

I have been dreaming too much of Gödel, listening to Bach, and I am beyond repair when it comes to Escher. Now I was wondering if I will come up with my own web 55.43 one of these days soon…

Meanwhile I am thrilled that there are 6 real people signed up for the Creativity Workshop at LIFT. OH my, I better write that script while I am in Munich!

This short break has been brought to you with the compliments of the Swiss Federal Government.