reboot 9.0 Micropresentation

On Friday I gave a micropresentation prior to the main talk on Theoretical Man. Good luck was that I though that it had been cancelled on Thursday, and that it would not be taking place… but that is another story to tell in another place.

This micropresentation was set to two rules: 15 slides and 20 seconds per slide. For me this was a great opportunity to talk a bit about one source of my inspiration. The challenge was of showing the slides containing portraits of Aikidoka on the tatami in Labaroche, France just this past April and to speak of what Theoretical Man is in the simplest of all terms and as close to the focus of the talk as possible.

I was also very curious as to what feedback would come in my direction as to what was remembered from this presentation. I have asked a few people about it and the answer spectrum is indeed fascinating. Some remember just the images, others just the words, a few do remember both images and words, and some could not remember much. It was a nonlinear kind of thing to do, but I did want to have some idea about the variability of perception and attention.

If anybody else would care to give me additional feedback on this, it will be very appreciated.

reboot 9.0 Theoretical Man (Slides)

Just the slides for now. I will write a few words about the sessions around Theoretical Man during the next few days. Reboot was fantastic and not like last year’s or any other conference. I am holding on to the bootstraps while in Copenhagen for the next few days.


I have been listening to Nicole Simon‘s pre- Reboot 9.0 interviews after she interviewed me on Friday. I tend to not listen to podcasts much as they are too time consuming and slow for my internal and arbitrary standard for information consumption, however these have caught my attention. I suppose it has something to do with the fact that the site this year is really alive and permeable. That is, conversation is happening, contact is being made, and that all before we gather in Copenhagen next week.

It was fun to listen to my interview and Nicole’s input. Give it a try, but do listen to the other interviews, they are not to be missed.

I have spent most of the day putting together the 20 slides for the micro presentation. The micro presentation of Theoretical Man will have a totally different format from the main presentation. The slides will contains some images that have never been shown in public before.