Last night. It is easy to misconstrue information and interpret whatever is blurted out in a way that makes sense to the one interpreting, but no sense in the presumed context of the communication. Social media is a great source of confusion as it often generates tons of information on a shifting and hidden context.

Last night I had a longer conversation with Marc. We do this periodically, and when we need to deal with life’s little or big crisis, we call on each other. I had a storm in a glass of water last night, I sought the conversation and exchange with him. After that, my son popped out of invisibility in google chat, and we exchanged a few lines about the family thanksgiving dinner, or how it was to do thanksgiving on the vegetarian plan. Supposedly it was really good and I am not surprised; the cook used my kitchen this summer, and it was delightful! Of course, we exchanged our common quips on social behaviour, or as the saying goes, the apple does not fall far from the tree. Whatever…

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Trade, Silk, Wool and Himalaya

I am extending to you an invitation that my friend Marianne de Pury has sent for an upcoming exposition and sale event of silk and wool accessories made by craftswomen in the Himalayas. The events will take place both in Geneva and Bern, on October 31, November 1 and November 7-8 respectively. For more details click on the link above.

I will skip the lecture on the relevance of trade in humanitarian aid and economic development.

PS: Marianne de Pury is a composer and theater director. Her son Julian Thompson, a painter living in Neuchâtel, has an upcoming exhibition “Mises en Scènes” from the 21st of October to the 22 of November at the Théâtre du passage gallerie and chez max et meuron restaurant in Neuchâtel.