It is not without reservations

I just signed up for lift, a conference taking place in Geneva next week, after registration was closed. In the process I had a rather amusing and fit-for-purpose email exchange with Laurent Haug, one of those in charge of the organization of the event.

So, it is not without reservations that one gets to attend such an event, and it is not without reservations that I start to blog here and with a purpose.

In my interactions during the registration procedure, it was interesting to note that there are very important functional roles for each of the tools available for using the Internet. Some subjects and details need email, because they need privacy. Websites, the future of websites, is wiki-wise the only thing imaginable in terms of content management, and blogs are the publishing tool of the hour. Without going into the details of the technologies, to  me, a wiki is just a better blogger tool. Both names I find need reinvention, and I find myself more often than not, explaining the two terms to people who are otherwise not dense.

I a series of essays to be published here soon, I will detail the purpose of this blogging activity. Meanwhile I look forward to both online and offline conversations with all of you whom in one way or another interact with me.