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I will follow up with a write up on what all of this means. Meanwhile for those who have requested the slides, here they are:

Thank you all for the feedback after my talk that went beyond and above anything that I could possibly have expected. The LIFT audience is a truly exceptional group of people who have touched me in ways that I could not even have dreamed of.

Update: The videos are up on the Lift conference site, and here it is the one from this presentation…

Henriette and just another happy me

LIFT 07 is absorbing me fully. Some blogging will come later.

LIFT07, say pre-lift on the light side of Things before Christmas

LIFT07, say pre-lift on the light side of Things before ChristmasAnybody reading the LIFT blog was invited to join in a dinner and discussion last night in Geneva. I like Geneva, and that sounded like an excellent excuse. However I did not need an excuse to go to Geneva, much less to join this group. Having proposed both a Workshop and an Open Stage event, this seemed to be one way to prepare for it. I also have not yet gotten my head around the whole of what LIFT+ and the whole of “digital fragility” are and hoped to get more in tune with it by breathing a bit of the air that the organizers are breathing. It inspires me.

Remember this is about challenges and opportunities of technology in our society. Here a few loose and random thoughts, rumors, opinions, half-baked ideas and other assorted discussion items.

  • No the paperless office is not coming, and those who claim to have one are either lying or are the exception.
  • I have too many blogs.
  • I go into hyper-space when talking about tensoriana, but my warp engine needs more than fine tuning.
  • Le Web 3 was ok after all, however one could keep cool when egos get hot.
  • Games, yes, they are evolving.
  • Speech mobile internet may make all the difference.
  • The digital divide is right in your backyard.
  • I have too many blogs.
  • Laurent and I have some similar ideas about living near an airport in Portugal.
  • David is more for looking for the chalet near the airport.
  • and a whole lot more… you had to be there.

I almost slept on David’s virtual couch but then remembered that I had a piece of accounting due this morning, so I left and took the last train back to Bern