LIFT07: Creativity Workshop

Creativity: To be or not to be, that was never a question

LIFT07, Geneva, Switzerland, Wednesday 7th of February, 2007

Registration for the workshops is now open! If you have not yet registred for LIFT07 and you want to attend, you have a few more days before December 15th to take advantage of the early bird discount.

Description: We are all born very creative and screaming. We go to school, learn to add, write and do other fancy stuff, and most of the time forget how to be creative.

In this “Creativity Workshop” we – Henriette and I – will playfully provide you with a remedial crash course aimed at having you claim back that creativity that you were born with. We will not solve all your creative problems and we do not promise that you will see God, however we do plan to have some fun looking into several aspects of creativity that are important in technology and life. This is an applied workshop, do come prepared to work on your own goals and to scream.

“The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct acting from inner necessity. The creative mind plays with the objects it loves.” Carl Jung

Why you should register: Why not?

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LIFT06: superstars like you and me

Forever the storyteller, I can not help it but to keep various conversational threads running through the posts. I have been asking myself what it is that this blogging thing is about and what was it that I got myself into by attending, without one femtosecond of hesitation, the LIFT06 conference. These will be the main threads in the LIFT06 posts to follow.

This morning I also woke up tossing in my head the question of how I am going to post all of this material that I made notes about at the conference and that I want to share with you. It is way too much for one post, so I will I be writing contained pieces of it in several different posts. I am grateful to anybody who comments with either their own reactions or interactive quests, and corrections are always welcome. I will make mistakes, I always do, and frankly life would be much too uninspiring without them. Imagine living in a perfect world… how dreadfully dull!

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LIFT06 was great… more later

First I need to recover from the attack of significance and seriousness that I displayed today. It could be because I got four hours of sleep last night, or it could be because every once in a while I do get those. On the train back to Berne I had made plans to either turn my notes into a blog, or to watch a DVD of – how can i explain this one? – Fight Club. Then while looking for a seat, I bumped into Ben Voigt and we talked geek all the way between Geneva and Berne. Now, after a bier, I am exhausted and I want my bed badly!

Laurent and all the folks at LIFT06 did a great job, lots of bubbling conversations, and lots of blogging with more to come. Did I write great? I meant excellent.