Creativity Utopia Workshop | LIFT conference


Perhaps you joined Henriette and me last year for the workshop… or perhaps you had then neither heard of LIFT, Henriette or Geneva. Fondue brought you here? Impossible!


Let us start with the truth, the naked screaming truth. The creative do not care about creativity, they simply create. This year Henriette and I want to guide you through an exploration of what is behind the creativity hype. Hype?! Hype!

Why this? Why now?

For me the past year has been one of exploding tabus. Yes, exploding tabus. Your mileage may differ, but I on my part have found no other way to deal with tabus. I set an explosive charge to them, and then press the detonate button. Tabus are supposedly consecrated to a special use or purpose, and sometimes restricted to the use of a god, king, priest and forbidden to general use. Tabus are discrimination pure and simple. Tabus are the intellectual prisons invoked to control. I like the use of intellectual dynamite in exploding tabus. How about you?

Utopia, on the other hand, is the divine soup from which our dreams are made of. Utopia is the primordial soup of imagination and limitation. Utopia is paradoxland uncharted!

In this workshop we will explore tabus, utopias and forget creativity.


Creativity Utopia Workshop | LIFT conference

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Lift07 is propagating

Henriette just IMed all excited about Bruce Stirling linking to her on Beyond the Beyond, and *ME* thinks that that is indeed grand! I love working with this girl, I am black and white, and she is bubbly, colourful and full of insight.


Friday at Lift 07

Henriette and Dannie (wii)

Henriette Weber Andersen and Dannie Jost L1001846.jpg, uploaded by Guido van Nispen.

I am well. The antibiotics have been doing their thing rather well. I am however up to my ears with a huge backlog of writing blaring to be done, accounting screaming at me, and deeply touched by the feedback coming in.

Humbled by life, once more. Happy.

Join me in the age of emotion and logic, it is one daunting challenge, it is our challenge.