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Via Pia and the creation of Leu here it is:

Pink hair, red anything, jumping high and plain just being big does get you noticed!

So, it is not about just size, there is colour and motion at play too?

23 seconds!

Thanks to St. Hugh!

web 8.0: im not a blogger.jpg Just as I needed to lighten up, this comes up on my RSS reader!

I have been dreaming too much of Gödel, listening to Bach, and I am beyond repair when it comes to Escher. Now I was wondering if I will come up with my own web 55.43 one of these days soon…

Meanwhile I am thrilled that there are 6 real people signed up for the Creativity Workshop at LIFT. OH my, I better write that script while I am in Munich!

This short break has been brought to you with the compliments of the Swiss Federal Government.