Up for a wiffle of politcs

So a Wiffle is nothing that we use in this corner of the woods! Around here nobody plays Wiffle ball, but we European are fond of other games. The Irish are a lot all of their own and some of my good friends originated in Ireland, but what puzzles me is that none of them live in the place of origin. So, the Irish voted on the Lisbon treaty and a NIET came out. After reading this article in The Economist I wonder what it is that the result of this referendum reflects. Was it just a vote on how good the campaign on either side was? Is this to be interpreted that politics has reduced to marketing?

Now, if that is so, and marketing being a close relative of propaganda, I do wonder what has gone wrong and if people unhappy with the present state of affairs in our governments have much to complain about. After all, if marketing of ideas is the fine art of selling anything with superficial and inane arguments appealing to the brain dead, then if you are unhappy by the fact that you get a lame government serving all purposes but that of the community and society, then think again.

Right here in good old federal Switzerland – not even a member of the EU – there is one very popular political party that overspends any other political party to impose their ill advised programs and ideology on a population that has not quite yet abandoned the exercise of thinking critically. There is hope, nonetheless the Swiss voters are often seduced by the oversimplification and appeal of the sugar coated polemics coloured with racism and discrimination in all their ugly variations including the nationalism one. We all know that a diet with too much sugar is not healthy.

My apologies go to fine art, there is no fine art in what is propaganda or marketing. Propaganda is nothing fine, nor is there art in deceiving and misleading the masses with inane argumentation. We used to call this lies, or in the case of political activity, it is called propaganda.

I hope I am wrong about something here.