Oh Games!

Twitter and Jaiku early in the morning do have their appeal as a set of disjointed headlines broadcast directly by people whom I am interested in. Joi Ito is at GDC and I went and looked at the site briefly while in the process of starting my day with distractions. I found one item worthy of note about Warren Spector’s presentation. If nothing else, it brings together for me the world of storytelling and games, and as far as I am concerned this has more potential than plain linear canned entertainment can bring you. We – that is, humans – do learn by play. Yes, yes, that is indeed how we learn best, while playing, forget this serious crap stuff… it is all about play.

Why am I interested in this? My interest in the internet was rekindled years ago when I found myself living with a geek-on-games. Given that this one geek was conceived and raised by me, and I can claim responsibility for teaching him how to change motherboards and dealing with PC hardware along with other traumata that a mother imprints on her child including having taught him how to play chess while he was in kindergarden, his interest and passion for games has challenged me ever since. If that was not enough, I am a storyteller, and I do have a deep passion for anything to do with storytelling and view it as a most valuable heritage and vehicle of culture transmission. I am very pleased to be in such grand company as Luc Besson, another addict of the storytelling meme