Politics… the local variety

The honeymoon is over, there is work to do. I am at this point dealing with my own administrative breakdowns and my strong wish that it would be really easy to deal with this city. After all my bank has managed to make it possible for me to log-in to my account and do all my transactions at the push of a little soft button within a web browser, so why can not the city do this for all citizen’s services?
Meanwhile I sit here in the city council – parliament – listening to what sometimes seems like a whole lot of nonsense. We started today’s comedy with a whole lot of argumentation along anarchist lines that were pleading in favour of this one place called paradisli that de facto has been occupied by a group of well-meaning but poorly educated citizens with great love for producing cultural events and loud parties in a residential neighbourhood. Granted this one does not give me much to worry about, however the polemic is starting to bore me.
The discussion about the EURO was amusing given that only four games will take place in the local Stade de Suisse that unfortunately still bares the name of Wankdorf. On the other hand the discussion about the trash problem in the city is to be taken a bit more on the serious side, and perhaps we could ask our admirers, the Singaporeans, for some advice in this matter that the Swiss use to be world champions at.
When it comes to police and trash I have plenty of colleagues in this parliament that are interested and have knowledge on these matters, so I will concentrate on figuring out what we can do in terms of e-government to bring this city up to speed in the XXI century.