On March 11, 2011 the city of Sendai was hit by an earthquake of magnitude 9 and later, a tsunami hit the eastern coast of the Japanese archipelago main island of Honshu. I got the news through my twitter (@dannie) stream on the way to a course that kept me busy both friday and saturday. Still I kept taking a look at the stream that includes several contacts residing in Japan. On friday evening I was in the offices of a local newspaper as the saturday issue was being put together. There were lots of pictures and none of them pretty. On saturday evening, enveloped in the warmth of family life, we discussed the news events. Nobody could really fathom what was happening. Two emotions were and continue to be very strong. First, compassion with the population on the aftermath of the catastrophe. Second, deep upset and repulsion at the attitude of European and other nuclear energy opponents who with presumptuous wickedness and profanity, impiously ignore the suffering of the Japanese people in a catastrophic moment, and instead rally around celebrating their ignorance and cluttering the physical and media space with their irrationality and fear.

I can not bear to look at the face of suffering that the images present and I do not want to look at those images. I do not want to be entertained by the suffering of others. I do not want to see the suffering and struggle of other humans instrumentalised for goals that serve the ideological vanity of a few comfortable hypocrites.

It is time to mourn the victims of the Sendai earthquake. It is also time to think about your emergency plan. It is time to learn about what life on earth is about. I am upset. There are no news.