reboot 9.0: the human and the collective intelligence thing

This weekend, that is, since Friday evening after training, I have had only one thing in mind: getting my talk for reboot ready.

we are pregnant with the future, when will the child be born?

My preparation has involved going over what I wrote in announcing the talk, sketching a few questions that I have and that I would like to ask the folks at reboot, give the whole inquiry and logical frameworks, prepare a few illustrations and graphics, visualize a few ideas, and last but not least, it also involved digging up my personal copy of Albert Messiah’s classic two volumes on QM that were in a box in the cellar.

One thought from Albert Messiah’s Quantum Mechanics (on page 116, Wiley edition) that I would like to invite you to consider that it may apply to social systems is that at the quantum level of accuracy, it is impossible to separate the object to be measured from the measuring instrument.

So, what is it that we are doing when we humans are measuring our own? Is there a quantum level to the human? If there is such a level, where is it and what does it look like? If we could answer any of these questions and generate any insight, what conjectures would it permit? Am I insane in advancing such ideas?

I have started a bit of a discourse on complex adaptive systems (CAS) when I tried to jot down my thoughts on both what I prepared and what emerged from the Knowledge Ownership presentation last February. I know that I got myself into a bit of an adventure when I try to span the bridge of quantum mechanics to social adaptive systems, and above all I know that I better go back to both reliable authoritative sources and getting a reality check on the present thinking and wisdom. Still, this is much too fascinating to not enter into the discussion.

However my preparation is being affected by the dialog with other participants having talks slated at reboot. In particular those of Oleg Koefoed on Intuition? and George Por on Boosting our Collective Intelligence. To me, and as is seen by the comments, is a good example of emergent phenomena. Something is happening two weeks ahead of the meeting, and a few of us are interacting. How is that possible? Is it the technology? Was it designed this way?

I am however very puzzled by this thing that I call the evolution of humans. Within the human quantum level of accuracy I will think this one out with you during my talk. Let’s see where we will end up.

Theoretical Man: reboot 9.0 questions

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What does make us so wonderfully human?

What did your school teacher way back in grammar school tell you about the human species?

What have you learned since?

What is a trans-humanist doing in a post-capitalistic society?

What is the bridge between paradox and ambivalence?

What are the basic relationships between intimate, private, personal and public?