About Ubification

Ubification is a word that I have used for the first time within the context of Theoretical Man. It is a word that I introduced at reboot 9.0 in the presentation without much ado or ceremony, I just used it.

Just about every word on those slides used in that presentation were carefully chosen. Even reification, although at a first glance one may think that I have used it wrongly, but that too was carefully picked out. Things, animal, man, mechanization, ubification, be, learn, transcend, action, drivers, all of these words have a very specific meaning that is expanded or re-contextualized within the framework of what I am doing. So bear with me, I am still writing the book.

I have the feeling that I am writing a philosophical thriller while hacking language.

Back to ubification, for it may need a bit of help given some of the feedback.

I took ubiety, meaning in respect of place or location, local relationship or whereness, to be the stem of the word. Ubiety is defined in both the Oxford English Dictionary, and the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. The suffix -fication is the regular formative of nouns of action. It really is quite a simple word, and we need it.