This blog was started in December 2005. The idea then was to document the next steps in my life. The title was the next. The documentation failed. Some of the next steps succeeded. The title changed.

When the mood strikes, I post here. This has not been very often since 2012. Perhaps this will never improve.

The title Public Man and the tagline Reloaded are inspired by  Richard Sennett’s The fall of public man (W. W. Norton & Company, 1992) and the film The matrix reloaded (written, directed and produced by Wachowski, A, Wachowski, L, Silver, J, Reeves, K, Fishburne, L, Moss, C-A, Weaving, H, Smith, JP, Foster, G, & Perrineau, H, , 2003). Putting two and two together, there is something about reality and fiction in there that results in Public Man Reloaded to put the pieces together.

On another blog – quantum symbionts – I posted a series of notes of work in progress. The notes and essays are related to ongoing research on a book project. All of that blog’s content was migrated here on the 17th of March, 2014.

Initially this book project had the working title of Theoretical Man. A few of the more recent draft essays were also cross posted to the World Trade Institute’s alumini net. About the book, after I threw out an early draft that had been worked on and off through 2010, in 2011 the whole got put on its head, and I am now working on another book. You may take a guess as to what the new project is focussed on. When I told my boss about this new topic, his response was to exclaim that it was preposterous. It is. Still working on the book, and again the working title has changed.

My main interest is in the evolution of the relationship between humanity and technology.


Dannie Jost

Literary Agent: Elisabeth Ruge @ Elisabeth Ruge Agentur, Berlin, Germany

updated 1 August, 2016