Power and Control

For a while just think Ungdomshuset and then think again…

When you get rid of the unnecessary issues, this is one version of what you get:

Save the Internet | Rock the Vote

via Lawrence Lessig.

Food for Thought: Open Access

“Journalists, like moths and drunks, seem attracted, irresistibly, where the light shines, not where the key lies” CRITIQUE OF : Goldacre, Ben (2007) Open access and the price of knowledge . The Guardian , Saturday February 10, 2007. (Also appeared in badscience.net ) Ben Goldacre has his heart in the right place, but…”

Pitting Petitions Against Pit-Bulls: Sense Versus Sensationalism

Reading through this makes me think that Open Access needs some clear communication. The issues are a bit complex, but what is changing is the publishing medium – the middle man – and the publishing houses are in dire need of reinvent themselves. However the knowledge owners producing the information ought to be doing a bit more hard thinking as to how they want to share their goods.



Virtual Connectivity

This is indeed thought provoking: Bell Towers, Virtual Spaces and Hard Covers. It is a must read. It expresses a bit of what in my view is the glue that binds virtual and real, that is the relationships between the people, and it incorporates quite a bit of cohesive elements that would not exist without this collective.

I have created a persona in Second Life some months ago, however I have not had the time to play with it. Having taken action did however heighten my own sensitivity to anything on the matter, that is, when anybody says anything about SL, I listen. I am curious. With these new jangled and entangled web applications and tools, there is nothing like exploration and experimentation. Technology does indeed produce very interesting artifacts, it is our curiosity and incessant play that brings any meaning to it all. I quote from Riccardo’s post:

Hard Covers Last but not least, after Maeda’s talk, I rushed to Amazon and bough books. Plenty of them. With one characteristic: all hard covers. Here the point is that I start feeling that if I love a specific book as an artifact, appreciate its aesthethic and did to make an effort (i.e. invest a significative amount of money to get it) probably two things will happen: 1. You’ll definitely get to the end of it 2. You’ll learn more, as your experience will be more intense therefore your attention much sharper.

Interesting! So why is the old paper press afraid of the new media? Damn it, when will they get it that it does sell books, physical books, the kind that I take to bed.