Render Surrender

Achilles: Now you have pushed the envelope far, you have opened the window so wide, you have unhinged the doors, you have thrown away the keys, and you have mashed up the whole of it! What on earth do you think that you are doing?

Tortoise: We are not here in Lebanon, Lisbon is far away, Riyadh is moribund, and I refuse to return to Algiers!

Achilles: You have discovered meaning?

Tortoise: Meaning? Meaning! The whole of meaning makes no sense. There is no sense, there is no meaning. It is trivially simple my dear. Really! It simply does not exist, and that is the reality of reality, it is non-existent. How can I have discovered that which does not exist? How can I discover that which is the fabrication of some weak and lesser mind? How can I discover anything at all? Who am I to discover? Am i god?

Achilles: I have been worrying about you. You no longer seem lost like you used to be. You no longer seem to be searching. I do not feel you hoping. I no longer see the waiting traject with whom I used to wander this world. Where are you going to now?

Tortoise: I wish I could hold you tight in these arms of mine! I wish that this would be a journey that we again share! See me… here I am wishing, and wishing is active when I wish it to be passive!

Achilles: Passive?

Tortoise: Do you know what it is like to be at sea? It was not long ago…

Achilles: If there is a wind and a sail, you will sail, will you not?

Tortoise: There is no water.

Achilles: Why do you refuse, when you know that you can not love?

Tortoise: Have I not?